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IV Vitamin Therapy: Is this for you?

IV Vitamin Therapy: Is this for you?

We know that we need vitamins and minerals in our body. These important vitamins help us maintain fitness, protect us from illnesses, and improve our well-being. However, as we grow older, our bodies may experience nutritional deficiency. Because of that, we need to take relevant steps so we can recover the vitamins we need.

The usual method of taking vitamins is orally or through the mouth. We take vitamins in pills or syrup so that we replenish the nutrients that we have lost. Furthermore, we can also eat fruits and vegetables, which are natural sources of these much-needed vitamins.

However, there will be instances when our body will need a boost of certain vitamins. This often happens when we are sick, fatigued, or having physical maladies. This is where our Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy can help.

As a Medical Spa in Old Bridge, New Jersey, consider the following benefits of IV vitamin therapy:

  • Quicker Absorption

    With IV vitamin therapy, the vitamins are directly injected through the bloodstreams.The IV vitamin goes through the veins. Because of this procedure, the IV vitamins can be absorbed quicker in to the body compared to oral vitamins. The reason is that oral vitamins will still be broken down by the digestive system, and this affects the nutritive content they carry.

  • Meeting Nutritional Requirements

    When you have IV vitamin therapy, you are also meeting the nutritional requirements that are required for your condition. Whether your deficiency is caused by aging or sickness, it is still important to replenish them correctly. This therapy can give you the nutrition you need.

  • Monitored Doses

    The IV vitamin therapy is also given in set doses. In other words, this method of vitamin administration ensures that the patient is receiving the right dose. The risk of becoming overdosed is low. Even with vitamins, it is still important that the patient is given the right amount for that day. If not, they may have health complications because of having too much of a certain vitamin.

  • Administered by Professionals

    Another key advantage of IV vitamin therapy is that professional health care providers are going to administer it. Because of that, you can trust that these professionals are well-experienced in administering this form of intervention. For instance, our health care professionals who administer IV vitamin therapy can also provide treatment for Skin Rejuvenation in New Jersey.

So, going back to our earlier thought, is IV vitamin therapy for you? Well, not all people are the same. Even if you will not need this therapy now, you or someone you know might be in need of it. So if you know someone who might want to inquire, refer them to Candor Med Spa.

Aside from IV vitamin therapy, we also support your beauty and wellness goals. If you need procedures such as Botox Injections, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you out.

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