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Ways You Can Help Prevent Hair Loss

Ways You Can Help Prevent Hair Loss

Having thin, damaged, frayed, and sparse locks is a look that no one wants to sport. However, when you’re trying to constantly keep up with the hair trends each year, it can be a bit difficult to manage.

Luckily for you, Candor Med Spa has put together a short list of suggestions that should help you keep your strands fuller and stronger:

  • Style your hair gently.

    You best believe it. Every strand of hair on your head has their own lifespan; which can last up to two to five years before they fall out and grow anew. However, the natural process of hair fall can be sped up if you:

    • Use tight hairdos that tug on the scalp (cornrows, ponytails, braids).
    • Use styling tools that need high heat.
    • Bleach or chemically treat your hair.

    The key is in moderation. Try to space utilizing said treatments, tools, and hairstyles to protect your strands from permanent damage.

  • Protect your hair with the use of mild hair care products.

    The aim of a shampoo is to clean your strands from dirt and oil. However, certain brands contain strong chemicals which can strip your hair of natural oils, making your strands weaker.

    To prevent this, consider reading through the ingredients of the shampoo that you use. Stick to a product with all-natural ingredients as much as possible.

  • Improve your diet.

    Yes, your diet matters too. After all, your body utilizes the nutrition you get from food to maintain itself.

    In order to keep your hair stronger, you should chow down on foods that are rich in antioxidants such as spinach, strawberries, blueberries, beans, kale, etc.

  • Manage your stress.

    That’s right, high amounts of stress can cause your locks to fall out. Not all at once, of course. However, you would notice a small number of stray strands on your pillowcase, by your bathroom floor… you get the picture.

    Give yourself ample time to relax and unwind when you’re tired. (Why not try Skin Rejuvenation in New Jersey to revitalize yourself?) Doing so will rejuvenate your energies and prevent you from shedding your strands left and right.

  • Quit your smoking habit.

    Toss that cigarette out because smoking can prematurely age your hair cells. When that happens, your hair strands get more brittle and become more susceptible to damage. If you have trouble with quitting on your own, you can reach out to your doctor for a smoking cessation program.

Consequently, in case you’re searching for a way to gain fuller locks…

We have a solution for you. As a Medical Spa in Old Bridge, New Jersey, we can help you obtain luxurious locks with our Medical Hair Loss Treatment.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the procedure, you can reach out to our representative through a call or by leaving a message in the reply section below. We will give you a response as soon as possible! Share this post with a friend today.

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